Trigger Point Massage Tool by Rapid Fire Relief

Trigger Point Massage Tool by Rapid Fire Relief

Rapid Fire Relief

$ 9.99 

Rapid Fire Relief: Trigger Point Massage Tool Description and Review

The Trigger Point Massage Tool by Rapid Fire Relief is a portable, take anywhere, hand-held massage instrument that will help relieve knotted pain at anytime.

Rapid Fire Relief’s Trigger Point Massage Tool (TPMT) features a finger-fitting grip to sit in the palm of your hand along with a roller-ball that makes it possible to use over the top of your clothing. Massage out your “knot pain” anytime, anywhere!

Combine using your trigger point massage tool with either, the topical analgesic Pain Relief Spray in lemongrass or wintergreen, as well as the new Essential Oil Relief Roll On applicator.

For the ultimate in short term pain relief after your most intense workouts or favorite physical activity, make sure to pack your TPMT; it's like having a massage therapist in your pocket!

PS, learn more about RFR natural pain relief spray in this Rapid Fire Relief Spray review.

Top 5 Features and Benefits of Rapid Fire Relief TPMT:

  • Portable massage tool that fits in the palm of your hand
  • Massage away pain anytime, anywhere
  • Easy to grip fitting, won't slip
  • Suitable for deep tissue massage and 'knotted' pain relief
  • Works complementary to therapeutic grade essential oil relief pain management products
Joshua Myers, Founder Just Max Fitness Nutrition

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