R1 Train Daily High Potency Sports Multivtamin by Rule 1

Rule 1

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Rule 1 Train Daily High Potency Sports Multivitamin Product Description and Review


Train daily by Rule one is not just your average multivitamin.  Train Daily is a high potency multivitamin that provides fifty (50) active ingredients for those individuals who demand more from their bodies.

The Train Daily formula features not just vitamins and essential minerals, but also amino acids, electrolytes, herbal extracts and fruit powders all designed to help you keep your body full of energy, healthy, and strong.

You can’t expect to perform at the next level with average performance, so don’t settle for an average multivitamin. Order some Train Daily today!


Key Features of R1 Train Daily:

  • 50 Different Active Ingredients to Help Your Body Perform at Optimal Levels
  • 375% of Daily Vitamin D Requirement
  • 500mg of a 2:1:1 BCAA Blend and other Free Form Amino Acids
  • More than 275mg of B-Complex Vitamins for Optimal Energy Levels


Directions: Take one (1) tablet 3 times daily with food.



- Joshua Myers, Founder of Just Max Fitness Nutrition

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