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Prime Nutrition Phytoform Super Fruits & Greens Formula Description and Review

Phytoform made by Prime Nutrition is a superfood formula that contains 100% micronized fruits and veggies to help keep the body healthy and nourished on a daily basis. Whether you aren't currently getting enough of the fruits and vegetables you need through your daily diet, or you're looking to increase the amount that you already consume - Phytoform is the product for you! 

Phytoform also contains minerals and anti-oxidants to help fight free radicals in the body to keep you in optimal health on a daily basis.

As an added bonus Phytoform contains 2g fiber - most Americans don't get enough fiber in their daily diet - and it tastes great! 

Top 4 Features and Benefits of Phytoform:

  • Nutrients from Mirconized Fruits & Vegetables
  • Mineral & Anti-oxidant Blend
  • 2g of Fiber per Serving
  • Tastes Great

Directions:  Take 1 or 2 scoops daily for optimal health

- Joshua Myers, Founder of Just Max Fitness Nutrition

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