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Blonyx Biosciences HMB Sport Description and Review

HMB Sport capsules by Blonyx Biosciences is a clean, Paleo friendly supplement that contains 3g of HMB per serving. HMB, or (beta-hydroxy-beta-methylbutyrate) is a byproduct of the essential amino acid L-leucine and has been heavily researched and proven to increase muscle mass, strength, and reduce muscle soreness. 

Although HMB is made in the body by breaking down leucine found in the protein that we eat on a daily basis, even most high-level athlete conscious of their nutrition aren’t getting enough HMB, (only about 5% of Leucine is turned into HMB).   

Whole foods like fish, grapefruit, and alfalfa also contain high amounts of HMB (about .5g per serving).

Whether you’re increasing strength, improving endurance during an intense CrossFit workout, or adding size and muscle mass - HMB Sport should be added to your supplementation routine.

Directions: Each bottle contains 180 capsules. Take three (3) capsules twice daily including non-training days.

Learn even more about HMB Sport and the entire Blonyx supplement line in our Blonyx Biosciences review, here.

- Joshua Myers, Founder of Just Max Fitness Nutrition


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