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TLM Research: Hazmat Review and Description of the Strongest Fat Burner for 2017

Hazmat is TLM Research’s ode to the throwback fat burners of the good old days! From the 1990’s into the 2000s the fat burning supplements were ruled by the “ECA Stack” (Ephedrine, Caffeine, and Aspirin), and for good reason – they actually worked back then. This is why I call refer to it as the strongest fat burner of 2017.

Hazmat is the return of the E and the C part of that stack, with additional new-found ingredients to be more effective then the aspirin (A) portion of the powerhouse stack. It's dosed with 347mg of caffeine and 40mg of ephedra. Now, I bet you're wondering:

…“Isn’t Ephedra illegal in the United States?”

Ephedra the plant is not illegal in the US, what is illegal and banned from the supplement industry is Ephedrine Alkaloids. These Alkaloids only make up a small percentage of the plant and when removed we are still left with a highly beneficial plant that assist with weight loss.    

Plus, there are other proven weight loss catalysts like White Willow Bark, Green Tea Extract, Green Coffee Bean and Raspberry Keytones, all which could stand on their own as a weight loss supplement.

Lastly, Hazmat by TLM Research also has a focus element that the original ECA powerhouses didn’t incorporate. By combining Bacopa – known as the Herb of Grace - with Bioperine, Rawolscine, Capsicum Hazmat is sure to help keep you alert and focused as you power through those cardio sessions melting your fat away.

Key Features of Hazmat by TLM Research

  • 40mg of Ephedra
  • 347mg of Caffeine
  • Remain Focused and Alert

Directions: Start with one capsule to determine tolerance of Hazmat, increasing to two (2) capsules daily. Do not take more than two (2) capsules in a twenty-four (24) period.

Warning:  This is a very powerful product, directions and warnings on manufacturer’s label should not be ignored. This product is only meant to be consumed by healthy individuals over 18 years of age without pre-existing medical conditions. Consult your physician before consuming this product if you are on any prescriptions or over the counter medications. Stop using product immediately if you have any type of allergic or adverse reaction to Hazmat.

- Joshua Myers, Founder of Just Max Fitness Nutrition

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