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P4P Muscle Alter Ego Extreme Pre-Workout Review and Product Description


Alter Ego is P4P’s Muscle’s popular pre-workout that will take your workouts to the next level, giving you amazing energy and laser focus without any of the jitters.

Alter Ego extreme energy comes from the perfect amount of caffeine (150mg) and 1g of creatine. The extreme formula also has 3g of Beta-Alanine, and 1g of L-Citruline per scoop to give you amazing pumps as well.  

*** Check out the Limited-Edition coffee flavor that uses real coffee and cream. It tastes great as a hot or cold beverage. Mixing it with Ice Cream Sandwich or Snickerdoodle whey can also create an amazing mocha flavored pre-workout muscle feed. ***

 Any individuals competing in WADA tested events are advised that the coffee flavor Alter Ego contains PEA, which is currently banned by WADA for day of competition use only.  It is ok to use this product and this ingredient except for the day of your event.  Consult current WADA guidelines to be sure of all banned substances pertaining to your sport.


Key Features of Alter Ego

  • Contains Zero Sugar
  • Energy with no Crash
  • Laser Focus and Metal Clarity
  • Therapeutic Doses of the Most Effective Ingredients


Directions: Users my want to start with a half serving (1 scoop) to assess tolerance levels, with 6-10 oz of water of favorite beverage. The recommended serving size should never be exceeded, under any circumstance.




- Joshua Myers, Founder Just Max Fitness Nutrition


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