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VHI Fit, originally started by Tim Rexius as a store brand for his Rexius Nutrition stores provides clinically dosed supplements using the most optimal formulas. VHi quickly became successful so it has branched out to other stores (like JMFN). Based out of Omaha, Nebraska VHi Fit shares a lot of the same midwestern values as JMFN. VHi Fit uses science-based ingredients and no proprietary blends, so you know exactly what you’re getting from any product you buy from VHi.


Just Max Fitness Nutrition currently carries these products from VHi:


VHiSO Pro: Whey protein isolate that features 27g of protein in a 30g serving size.  



Spartacus Product ImageSpartacus Resurgence Pre-workout: Fully dosed pre-workout with 395mg of total caffeine and nootropics for laser focus to get you through those long, grueling workouts.



VHI EX-30 Product ImageEX-30: A Thermogenic weight loss supplement that is designed to help increase energy, mood, and improve focus which are all designed to help maximize weight loss. 

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