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Purus Labs, Recycle Natural Hormone Regulator Description and Review

Recycle is not a supplement designed to just boost natural testosterone levels in the body, but to regulate and help balance the body’s natural levels.

There are many factors that affect natural testosterone production in men.  The most common include; stress, processed carbohydrates, man-made chemicals such as BPA, and hormones in much of the meat we consume. Recycle is the supplement designed to help us battle all those stressors (as they are certainly difficult to control on their own). With three different blends Recycle features ingredients that assist in free testosterone increase, as well as cortisol suppression, aromatase inhibition (reducing estrogen) , and increased absorption for a greater bioavailability to get more out of the supplements you purchase.   


Key Features of Recycle:

  • Regulates Free Testosterone
  • Helps Reduce Estrogen
  • Provides Greater Vitality


Get all of these in one convenient supplement with Recycle by Purus Labs.

Directions: For best results take one serving (4 Capsules), 60 minutes prior to training, (with Pre-workout meal). Recycle should not be taken by individuals under 18 years of age.



- Joshua Myers, Founder of Just Max Fitness Nutrition


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