Hibern8 (90 Capsules) by Nutrex Research

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Nutrex Research Hibern8 Description and Review

HIBERN8 by Nutrex Research is a potent sleep aid that helps you fall and stay asleep, providing deep and restful sleep. Restful sleep is important for maximum recovery of mind and muscles. Sleep is just as important to recovery as post-supplementation of branch chained amino acids (BCAAs).

If you're a fitness fanatic, chances are you've used energy drinks, fat burners, and pre-workout formulas; that coupled with the stresses of work and home can make any sleep (let alone good sleep) hard to come by. Waking up feeling rested and refreshed will increases your mood, productivity and is essential for achieving optimum physical strength and appearance.

HIBERN8 comes in 90 capsule bottles, is clinically dosed and starts working the very first time you take it. Just one serving of HIBERN8 is all that you will need to achieve deep uninterrupted sleep. Try HIBERN8 tonight and wake up refreshed, re-energized and ready for the next challenge! 

- Joshua Myers, Founder of Just Max Fitness Nutrition


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