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Chaos and Pain was created by Jamie Lewis and Wayne Banks, weightlifting buddies from “back in the day”. Lewis and Banks set out to create a supplement line for the baddest of the bad, the toughest of tough – a line for only the most hardcore gym rats!

Many of the products in the Chaos & Pain line bear a title of “cannibal” because throughout human history cannibalistic tribes from around the world were known for their strength, size, speed and ferociousness!

Although, we at don’t partake or condone cannibalism (neither do the folks at Chaos & Pain) we understand the analogy behind the brand and want to carry a line that caters to the hardcore powerlifters and overall gym rat.

Chaos and Pain supplements use a wide variety of herbs and stimulants to make you bigger, faster, stronger, and smarter. Whether your next conquest is in a powerlifting meet, or on athletic field – whatever you train for take Chaos and Pain Supplements and become the baddest of the bad!


Chaos & Pain Supplements include:


Chemical One: A high quality pro-hormone that helps increase the anabolic hormone 1-Testosterone in the body

Chemical Four: A pro-hormone formulated with 4-DHEA to help gain lean muscle mass without the nasty side effects of steroids.

Chemical X: A pro-hormone formulated with a generous dose of 55mg of 19-Nor-DHEA, a chemical six times more anabolic than testosterone.

Red Sky: the energy boosting thermogenic complex that helps you burn away un-wanted fat.

Cannibal Genius: the powerful nootropic supplement designed to help increase focus and mental cognition.



Joshua Myers, Founder Just Max Fitness Nutrition

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