Beta Alanine by Blonyx BioSciences

Beta Alanine by Blonyx BioSciences SALE
Beta Alanine by Blonyx BioSciences SALE

Blonyx Biosciences

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Blonyx BioSciences Beta Alanine Review and Product Description

This Product is heavily discounted because I've had it for sometime and it is no longer moving for me. Blonyx has since updated their labels so I know the product is old but I don't see an expiration date listed anywhere. I am personally using the product as of 8/20 and it still seems to be effective. The Beta Aline is rock hard, but breaks up easily with a spoon.

Beta Alanine by Blonyx Biosciences is intended to help increase muscular endurance during intense physical activity such as CrossFit.

Beta Alanine is a modified version of Alanine, an amino acid this is naturally made in the liver and then transported to muscles cells for carnosine production.

Carnosine is important to the muscles as it helps slow the lactic acid build up - the burning sensation in muscles that leads to loss of strength and/or muscle endurance during long or intense training sessions.

Natural foods like meat and fish are good natural sources of Beta Alanine but often aren’t included enough in some of the most disciplined diets, making supplementation necessary for anyone looking to obtain optimal levels of training.

Key Benefits of Beta Alanine:

  • 3 Full grams per Scoop
  • Slows Lactic Acid Build Up
  • Train Harder and Longer
  • No Fillers

Directions: Each scoop contains 3g of Beta Alanine and is recommended to be taken twice daily. 

Side Effects: Although it is not harmful in anyway Beat Alanine does have a minor side effect known as “paresthesia”, a mild tingling or prickly heat feeling often in the skin of the arms and face. It doesn’t last for very long and with regular supplementation it will stop all together.

Note: Beta Alanine can become clumpy, this does mean it's bad.

Learn even more about Beta Alanine and the entire Blonyx supplement line in our Blonyx Biosciences review, here.

WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including lead which is known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm.  For more information go to:

Joshua Myers, Founder of Just Max Fitness Nutrition

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