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The Ambrosia Collective was formed in 2015 by three (3) leaders of the Supplement industry,  Marc Lobliner -  CEO of MTS Nutrition, and creator of the Outright Bar, Mike Rashid - power bodybuilder, author, entrepreneur, former boxer, and online fitness guru, and Sean Torbati. With such a wide variety of experience in the fitness industry and extensive experience in the supplement industry the Ambrosia Collective created products representative of professional athletes, professional body builders, combat athletes, CrossFit fanatics, triathletes, track & field athletes, powerlifters, strong man (and women) competitors and anyone interested in a healthier lifestyle.

Ambrosia, meaning food of the Gods is a brand based on premium, natural ingredients, and fully disclosed labels so you know exactly what you are putting into your body. Ambrosia features products that will help you pursue getting the most out of your body and brain though innovative nutraceutical compounds.

The Ambrosia Collective was created out of passion and a desire to help their customers reach their peak in whatever they choose to do, and that’s why they align so well with our Just Max Fitness Nutrition Brand.


Current Ambrosia Collective products on JMFN include:



Planta Premium Plant Based Protein: A protein that is vegan friendly that is made of Organic Brown Rice Protein and Organic Pea Protein.

Kinetic Mushroom Enhanced Pre-Workout: An innovative mushroom enhanced pre-workout designed to proved you with sustained energy and hyper focus.


Nektar Bottle
Nektar Superfood for Complete Human Health: A collection of 13 different ingredients in one product designed to help your body’s most vital areas. Nektar is not just for athletes, it is great for anyone who want to help their body perform at optimal levels.



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