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A Comprehensive Review of Blonyx HMB Creatine, HMB Sport, Beta Alanine, and Egg White Protein Isolate

The Scoop on Blonyx HMB Creatine, Beta Alanine, HMB Sport, and Egg White Protein Isolate by Blonyx Biosciences

Blonyx Biosciences is one of the more refreshing brands in today’s supplement industry. Created for the needs of high-level CrossFit competitors, Blonyx is a relatively small company compared to the industry giants that extend their product lines through the likes of your local GNC store and beyond.

They produce only four (4) products on their current roster, including Blonyx HMB Creatine, Beta AlanineHMB Sport, and Egg White potein Isolate. but that’s because they selectively market products that actually work!

Many of today’s supplement companies focus much of their resources on coming up with witty product names or a brilliant marketing scheme to get you to buy their products, and this is allowed to happen because of the lack of regulation in the supplement industry in its current state.

Blonyx doesn’t have boast ridiculous names for their products or outrageous claims about what their products can do. They use pharmaceutical grade, often Paleo-friendly ingredients, with no fillers or proprietary blends. Each ingredient used in their products is clearly listed (along with dosage) and has been backed by 10 or more published research studies to show that they are safe and that they do work. There are no tricks or deception tactics from Blonyx BioSciences, just products that produce results.

Here is a closer look at the products offered by Blonyx Biosciences:


Blonyx HMB+CrHMB + Creatine by Blonyx Biosciences: As the most popular product in the Blonyx BioSciences lineup, HMB plus Creatine contains the same HMB 1.5g of HMB (per scoop) that is found in HMB Sport combined with 2.5g of creatine. Adding in creatine (easily the most tested and proven dietary supplement) it allows your muscles to work harder with increased stamina by improving the muscles ATP stores. By consuming 1 scoop pre–workout, and one scoop of HMB plus Creatine post-workout you will get your recommended dose of both HMB (3g) and creatine (5g) each day.

Blonyx HMB SportHMB Sport by Blonyx Biosciences: Paleo friendly supplement that contains 3g of HMB, aka Beta-hydroxy-beta-methylbutyrate (or B-Hydroxy B-Methylbutyrate) per serving in capsule form. HMB Sport is designed to increase muscle mass, strength, and reduce muscle soreness. Choose HMB Sport if you are looking for an HMB supplement without the added creatine.

Blonyx Beta AlanineBeta-Alanine by Blonyx Biosciences: Beta-Alanine is a metabolite of the amino acid Alanine. Beta-Alanine is known to increase Carnosine production in the muscles, allowing you greater muscular endurance to get more out of each workout. The more you can get from each workout, the better end result you will have.

Blonyx Egg White Protein IsolateEgg White Protein Isolate by Blonyx Biosciences: First released in July of 2019, Blonyx was able to feature a new technology in the formation of their Egg White Protein Isolate so it is unlike any other egg white protein on the market!   Through a unique filtration process Blonyx was able to create a virtually tasteless protein powder, where they added only natural ingredients like organic cane sugar, cocoa, sea salt to the egg white protein isolate to make it taste like chocolate milk (and it does), but the product itself has no lactose so it’s perfect for even the most sensitive stomach! Each serving contains 20g of high-quality protein from egg whites, and 11g of organic cane sugar. For those that are active, these carbohydrates are vital for muscle fuel and recovery.  


The Blonyx Biosciences brand features high-level CrossFit Games competitors, as well as weightlifting coaches, on their athlete roster because they need to know exactly what they are putting in their bodies and understand the science behind what they are talking. Blonyx Biosciences is a premium supplement brand designed for elite (or aspiring elite) level athletes.

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If you are a peak competitor in strength sports like CrossFit, Olympic weightlifting, or strongman, you will get more out of your training with the entire line up of products. Endurance focused sports such as gymnastics, track athletes, swimmers and cyclists can also benefit.

Blonyx Biosciences has truly positioned itself as premium supplement brand with high quality ingredients, integrity and proof that the products work backed by scientific study! The bar they have set is truly pleasing to diehard fans of the supplement industry, like myself, where often times we can’t tell the real from the fake. Blonyx Biosciences is the real deal!

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Joshua Myers, Founder of Just Max Fitness Nutrition

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