Truth About Prohormones: Your Questions Answered

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Common Questions and Truthful Answers About Prohormones

What is a Prohormone? 

A prohormone is a precursor (inactive portion of a compound) to hormones that have little effect by themselves but amplify the presents of hormones already existing in the body. Prohormones are taken to increase the body’s current hormone supply and are converted to active hormones through enzymes in the body during the metabolic process.

Enzymes are created by all living organisms to help speed up the process of molecule breakdown (the metabolic process), this process then provides the prohormones necessary missing atoms to complete the structure of the compound, turning into an active hormone using the body’s natural processes.

As a result, depending on the prohormones for sale that you end up supplementing with, you can expect to see increases in size, strength, endurance, faster recovery times, or reducing body fat.

For that reason, prohormones seem like they can be the “magic" supplement that we are all looking for, but the can also be very dangerous. (See Side Effects) You should only use pro-hormones on a structured workout program and balanced diet. Always do your own research and be sure what you are taking is safe for you to take before starting a cycle.

Truth About Prohormones: Are Prohormones Legal or illegal? 

In 1990 & 2004 the government passed different Anabolic Steroid Control Acts to define what anabolic steroids are and to place anabolic steroids under the Controlled substance Act,

In 2014 the Designer Anabolic Steroid Control Act was signed into law to expand on the list of compounds that were already mentioned in the previously mentioned Steroid Control Acts to include falsely labeling of anabolic steroids as pro-hormones.

The prohormones that you see on the shelves of the big chain box stores, and on this website, are legal because they don’t contain the same testosterone precursors as their previous counter parts, they are basically a “light version” of them with an even more slightly different chemical structure.

The DSCA of 2014 makes it very clear on what is illegal and what is still legal. If the prohormone is derived from a natural compound, or is a metabolite (product of metabolism) of a natural compound, they are still.

The supplement industry is only regulated by these few laws in the U.S. but is always changing and they will continue to crack down on supplement manufactures who try to work around the system.

The best advice that I can give regarding how to choose the right prohormone: when you find a prohormone that you like – buy it in bulk because you never know when the FDA will remove it from the market.

Types of Prohormones?

There are both illegal and legal prohormones available for purchase on the Internet. Of course you should only want to purchase the legal ones, but how do we tell the difference?

Legal prohormones are natural hormones found in the body, our diets we consume and by supplementing we are able to increase the body’s natural production of the desired hormone.

Illegal prohormones are chemically altered to increase potency.  Easily spotted by looking for a “17-Methyl” (or some variation), these prohormones should be avoided not only because they are illegal, but also because of the adverse effects on your health. If you are going to take a 17-Methyl prohormone for any reason, hopefully you know what you’re doing and how the body works or, plain and simple – not care about harming your liver (see side-effects below).

Prohormones can also be classified as groups “Wet” and “Dry”. The difference between "wet" and "dry" prohormones is the amount of water retention caused during the cycle. Wet prohormones create more water retention through the process of aromatase (when excess testosterone converts to estrogen).

Prohormones designated as wet prohormones are often used for bulking cycles due to the water retention. Many fitness enthusiast (of bodybuilding, mostly) think of estrogen as a bad thing and try to suppress it, but the estrogen created from a wet prohormone cycle can be a good thing. Estrogen can actually help lower blood pressure, increase libido, build new muscle, and sustain energy levels. When deciding on a prohormone, don’t discount the wet prohormones simply because of the estrogen creation.

Dry prohormones do not convert into estrogen so excess water retention does not occur. Dry prohormones are often used for weight loss and competition cutting phases. There are also more side effect associated with dry prohormones. Dry prohormones can increase blood pressure, lead to sore joints, and also reduce energy levels for longer periods of time.

Best Way to Take Prohormones?

To determine how you should begin a prohormone cycle should be based on the goals that you are looking to obtain.  If you are trying to gain both strength and weight you want to look toward a wet-type prohormone. On the reverse side if you are looking to gain strength but also desire weight loss, you want to look for a dry-type prohormone to avoid the water retention.

Prohormones, like creatine, are also taken in cycles. Each pro-hormone will have specific instructions and the bottle or kit and should only be used as directed. Although specific to each pro-hormone, cycles usually range from 8-12 weeks on and 4-6 off.

Although all the prohormones that we sell at Just Max Fitness Nutrition would be non-liver toxic we still recommend that you take some type of post cycle product. (Chaos and Pain’s Cannibal Alpha is a great one!)

The side effects in the majority of legal prohormones will certainly be minimal, but nonetheless there may still be some and a PCT product will help mitigate these.

Along with blocking estrogen and keeping the prostate functioning properly, a PCT product is designed to help restore your body's natural testosterone levels. When you take a prohormone you body reduces (and may even stop) its natural testosterone production. Once you are off of the prohormone cycle your body needs to begin producing testosterone again or all your gains (in strength or size) could potentially be lost.

Don't forget to take your PCT!


Truth About Prohormones: Who Should Take Prohormones?

Although it is legal for anyone over the age of 18 to take prohormones, it is best to not start any type of prohormone cycle until after the age of 21. This ensures that the body is done growing naturally before introducing any additional outside hormones.

Side Effects of Prohormones: Are Prohormones Safe?

The biggest difference between legal and illegal prohormones is the safety of them. Legal (natural) prohormones are safe (and effective) when taken with a nutrient dense diet and regular exercise routine. Natural prohormones don’t have the dangerous side effects of the chemically altered prohormones (but can have the same side effects as listed below if not used as directed). 

The Methyl (illegal) prohormones have many dangerous side effects and no one at Just Max Fitness Nutrition advises the use of illegal prohormones. If you are going to use an illegal prohormone cycle for any reason you should already be experienced with prohormones and do your own extensive research on the specific prohormone you are considering. Side effects of the methyl prohormones include acne, hair loss, breast tissue enlargement, and prostate swelling; again, these are specific to each type of prohormone, and extensive research should be done before beginning any cycle.

Best Prohormones for Sale? 



Chemical One By Chaos and Pain: Chemical one is a generous dose of 1-DHEA combined with Fadogia Agrestis to help the 1-DHEA convert directly into 1-Testosterone.

Chemical Four by Chaos and Pain: Combines 4- DHEA with Fadogia Agrestis and Epicatechin to help you get bigger faster!

Chemical X by Chaos and Pain: Uses a generous dose of 55mg of 19-Nor-DHEA which converts into nandrolone, a chemical six times more anabolic than testosterone.



If you have any other questions regarding prohormones, be sure to leave a comment below

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