RIVALUS Supplements Review

RIVALUS Supplements Review

RIVALUS Supplements Review - If you are a serious athlete in any sport - You should know RIVALUS!

I first came across RIVALUS and Powder Burn 2.0 at the 2015 Arnold Sports Festival in Columbus, OH. This was my first trip to the Mecca of sports festivals so I didn't really know what to expect.

I simply knew that I wanted to get as many photo opportunities as I could, find out what was coming new to the market and hopefully make some connections with some new brands for Just Max Fitness Nutrition.

By meeting the wonderful folks from RIVALUS I was able to accomplish two of those goals in one conversation (... I would have asked them for pictures too, but then they might have thought that was a little over the top LOL).

After doing my research, I've found that RIVALUS was acquired by the former owners of Optimum Nutrition, Mike and Tony Costello who left the company in 2008 because apparently they weren't fond of direction it was heading in.

So with RIVALUS in-tow they created Nutrivo, LLC - which also runs Rule 1 Proteins brand (for a comparison of whey proteins R1 Protein by Rule 1 vs Optimum Nutrition 100% Whey Gold Standard, click here).

I like RIVALUS because they are certified pro-athlete and WADA compliant. As a competitive Paralympic athlete in training, I need products that I know will pass testing at my larger National and International competitions. How much of a shame would it be to get disqualified from competing or banned from the sport (think the UFC and USADA Violations) because of the ingredients in a protein supplement?

Obviously, protein is not on a banned substance list regardless of the particular type that it's composed of, but it could be manufactured in the same facility as other products that are on the banned substance list and lead to what is known as a contaminated supplement.

All RIVALUS products are manufactured right here in the USA in 130,000 sq ft. state of the art facility in Aurora, Illinois.

With a slogan such as - "We're Pro Athlete" - you know that they have their customer's best interest in mind.

If you compete with any governing bodies that drug test and need to make sure you're products are banned substance free then you need RIVALUS on your team (and in your gym bag).

If it was already obvious up to this point, I absolutely love this company, brand, and  the people that represent the brand and I can't wait to grow with them.

The only negative thing I can say about this company is actually an assumption: being headquartered down in Illinois, they are probably Chicago Bears fans ... and being from Green Bay, I'm sure you can guess who my favorite team is - Go Pack Go! So, I suppose I can set aside my football allegiance for a good quality supplement.

Check out the current RIVALUS products that we have in stock like Powder Burn 2.0, a pre-workout with 14 active ingredients and zero band substances!. 

Keep an eye out for their full product line, including the popular protein items such as Promasil Premium Protein - think BSN SYNTHA-6 but better, MPower, Clean Gainer, and other creatine, weight loss, and hormone support products.

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Joshua Myers, Founder of Just Max Fitness Nutrition

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