Rapid Fire Relief Review: Does Natural Pain Relief Spray Work?

Rapid Fire Relief Review: Does Natural Pain Relief Spray Work?

JMFN's Rapid Fire Relief Review

A few years ago, I came across a therapeutic analgesic called Rapid Fire Relief while browsing the vendor tables at the Fox Cities Showdown - Wisconsin's Premiere Bodybuilding Show - in Oshkosh, WI.

It was my first year as a spectator at The Showdown so I didn't know what to expect. You see, I was originally there with hopes of meeting Shawn "Flexatron" Rhoden (who was cool enough to snap a pic with me). Shawn has always been one of my favorite IFBB Bodybuilders. (May he R.I.P) He was there representing the Ronnie Coleman Signature Series supplement brand

As an avid MMA enthusiast, I also recognized the former UFC fighter, Kevin "The Fire" Burns, and wondered what brought him to this bodybuilding event. There were numerous vendor tables that were there helping sponsor this marquee event for bodybuilders looking to qualify before heading to the Amateur Bodybuilding Nationals, where aspiring bodybuilders can then achieve their pro cards. As it turns out, Kevin Burns, now retired from his fighting days, was representing his new company, appropriately named Rapid Fire

Rapid Fire Spray is a 100% all-natural topical analgesic pain relief formula designed to alleviate minor muscle aches, joint sprains, inflammation and overall topical pain management. Each 1oz bottle contains approximately 30 uses of 3 sprays per use in two fresh varieties, Lemongrass and Wintergreen. Each contains a therapeutic-grade dose of wintergreen, peppermint, and menthol essential oils.

The 100% natural claim had me immediately intrigued as I was once told by a National power lifting coach that the use of a topical cream like Icy Hot was actually prohibited in competition. And although in online research on the US Anti-Doping Agency website, I have not been able to find that it is still banned, I always prefer to find the natural option.

However, if you're like me you sometimes wonder if the natural products are strong enough to be effective. Well, it just so happened that on the day Kevin Burns was providing a product demo of Rapid Fire Relief, I had the usual pain

Rapid Fire Relief Product Image

in my forearm from a heavy bench press session and I wanted to put this stuff to the test.

So he hooked me up with 3 sprays on my forearm and sent me on my way. Happy to say, I felt no pain in my forearm for the entire afternoon! When I passed by his booth again in the evening session, I purchased two bottles of the wintergreen (original) scent. I am now in love this stuff! 

Once I finished all of the product I had originally purchased that day, I immediately contacted Kevin about getting more for myself and to share Rapid Fire Relief on the Just Max Fitness Nutrition website.

If you have minor aches and pains from your most intense workouts, I encourage you to try this natural pain relief spray today. You'll find that this natural remedy really does work and you'll feel better about putting it on your skin for that reason alone. What a relief!

Both scents - wintergreen and lemongrass - are available right now on sale for just $24.99 per bottle. Use the Discount Code "RapidFire" to save 15% so we know that you saw this article!

Bonus: this Rapid Fire Relief review features a YouTube interview with founder Kevin "The Fire" Burns ...

Let me know what your experience has been with Rapid Fire Relief by leaving a comment in the Facebook section below or to writing your own review on our product page here and tell us what you think of this natural pain reliever!


Joshua Myers, Founder of Just Max Fitness Nutrition

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  • Tony D. - February 17, 2016

    Tried the wintergreen because I like that one the most but both has good ingredients and good reviews on other sites. This site is the cheapest by far that I could find rapid fire. I would recomend rapid fire to anyone I know.

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