Journey to the 2016 Paralympic Trials and Much More

Journey to the 2016 Paralympic Trials and Much More
Joshua Myers 2016 Paralympic Journey

2016 Paralympic Journey Update of Joshua Myers, Founder of Just Max Fitness Nutrition. Plus, Celebrates 1 Year with an 11% Savings Discount Code!

Last year, right after went live and I also launched this GoFundMe campaign, I wrote a blog post that chronicled my 2015 Paralympic season and the experience of placing first and winning the Shot Put National Championship in Minneapolis, Minnesota at Hamline University.

This time around, I wanted to do things a little differently and let my supporters know how my season has gone, prior to the end of it, while also taking the opportunity to thank everyone who makes this journey as excellent as it has been.

As of June 15, 2016, right around the time that also celebrates one year from launch, I have completed two of three scheduled meets and this year’s third (invitational) meet happens to be very special and impactful to my journey of becoming a Shot Put Paralympian.

Looking back at the first event of the season, the Desert Challenge Games held in Tempe, AZ, is always my favorite event of the year. The Desert Challenge Games plays host to the IPC (International Paralympic Committee) Athletics Grand Prix, the only place it is ever held in the United States. Here, I get to go back to where I started throwing shot put and also get to see so many friends and great people from my time as an Arizona resident.

On that note, I'd like to take this opportunity to thank a few supporters and "believers" who made my trip to Arizona and my chance to enter the track and field landscape possible by being added to the world ranking list.

Hats off to Dr. Gary Johnson, II, Au.D with Advanced Hearing Group, and his wonderful wife Vikki -- your continued sponsorship and support of my efforts is paramount to my success! Big thanks also to my main-digital-marketing-man Ricky Arconti (who has done much to help this website grow) along with his family, including Meghan Zeller, who brought a big crew of supporters to the event in Tempe! 

At the Desert Games, I finished first in my division by a considerable margin with a throw of 5.73m (18 feet, 9 inches) and currently rank 16th on the World Rankings List. However, this was not a personal best, which was rather disappointed.

Although I did not throw as far as I had trained for and envisioned, I have learned that throwing the shot put is as much about technique as it is about strength.

I have stayed motivated with my workouts in the gym and found a way to simulate the throwing technique using my lat-pull machine plus a D-ring, when I'm unable to throw outdoors.

I have also reconnected with my old powerlifting coach, Big Dave from the Beyond Fitness days (my first time with a coach and experience in a real health club)! He has been devising new strength programs that will turn me into a champ.

At the start of June '16, I completed my second meet in Lake Forest Illinois, competing in the Adult National Open and Great Lakes Regional Games (GLASA). This event was an excellent one, which served as an additional warm-up to the team trails. It was a close commute to my home state of Wisconsin and I had one of my best friends as travel companion and coach for the weekend.

This year's third meet is the capstone as it is the 2016 Paralympic Team Trials, which will be held at Johnson C. Smith University in Charlotte, North Carolina. The competition runs from June 29th to July 3rd, with subsequent Paralympic Team selections being made on July 3rd!

The schedule-makers have me charted to throw Shot Put the evening of June 30th -- so if you could send positive vibes my way that evening, that would be great!

This event also serves as our National Championships, so I will also be aiming to defend my title and capture a second straight Championship!

Leading up to this Paralympic Team Trial, as I continue to work on my technique, getting faster and stronger - I want to thank a few more folks who have supported and contributed in some way along my journey:

To customer's across the country who have purchased JMFN t-shirts and discount nutritional supplements from this past year, I thank you and appreciate you choosing JMFN to meet your fitness and nutrition needs.

Please know that your purchases allow me to live my entrepreneurial dream to provide you with online nutritional supplements at a great price. Even though there are many stores on the web that sell sports nutrition supplements and fitness products, how many of them have a founder with an inspiring story and mission like this one?

As always, if you would like to support my journey while shopping for a product that you can't find on this website, please check out my "believers" page, or click on the Amazon link here - or any Amazon banner displayed on this site - anytime before you shop on, as I will receive a small percentage of the sale of any purchase you make to help offset the costs of Paralympic training and event expenses, at no additional cost to you. 

In recognition of all JMFN customers and in celebration of's one year anniversary, please apply discount code, 'JMFNONE' at checkout to save 11% off your next purchase in the month of June!

To the many who have contributed to my still active GoFundMe (GFM) campaign most recently: Kyle from, Brooke, Jessica, Michael, and Richard D. Arconti). I cannot thank you enough!

To the folks who have donated to my GFM campaign in exchange for personalized workout plans: Chris, Shannon and Brieanna, I look forward to helping you reach beyond your fitness goals!

Even though I am currently short of my fundraising goals to fully fund my upcoming Paralympic Trial in Charlotte, including flight and traveling with my throwing chair, transportation and hotel accommodations, I am hopeful that with your help I will be able to reach my fundraising goal this month!

Are you willing to help me reach my goal? Click here to see what it takes to help me reach my goal!

Joshua Myers GoFundMe

Additionally, I would like to thank Josh for being the best wing man in the game; to my old powerlifting coach Big Dave for coming up with new strength programs and refueling my desire to power lift; to Steve for being my new pseudo throwing coach and the best adopted father a 14 year old kid could ask for some 22 years ago. I am forever grateful!

To the countless family and friends, who continue to show their support through social media likes, comments and shares of my updates. You might not know it, but your words and kind gestures keep me fueled up! Your Facebook post/comments and morale support are often the most motivation and encouraging feedback I receive! 

And a thank you goes out beyond measure to my mom for raising me the way that she did, as I know that she is proud of me every day, even when I don't reach my own expectations for myself. And to my wife, aka my spotter in the gym, and my boys, Dylan & Dominic, I love you and I couldn’t do what I do without you.

If I forgot to thank anyone in this massive shout out, it was surely unintentional. 

Thanks in advance for leaving a quick comment in the Facebook box below and for continuing to encourage me, my fellow adaptive athletes, and anyone who has their heart set on achieving their fitness goals!

Joshua Myers, Founder of Just Max Fitness Nutrition

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